Brahmaputra Valley English Academy

                                         Affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi (Affiliation No: 230128)


As the principal of the school, I am responsible for learning,safety and emotional growth of the students and teachers. Only by working with every part of the community I can reach to my goal.

I believe that education is the only weapon which can eradicate all the malpractices of society and generate the society to the ultimate vitality.The students are the part and parcel of the society and the dream to transform the society into an Eldorado is only possible through the students.

Learning is a joyous and never ending process to successful living and has a positive impact on families and communities. I not only want my students to be continuous learner but also want the whole society to be continuous learner too.

I have a deep faith on my teachers, on their enthusiasm,vigour and I have a reverence for their style of teaching and working. May God help me and all my staffs,teachers,students and became the torch bearer to our destination